• Yes! A free, open, equal, and shared Internet.

    vision.network is a distributed extensible virtual network, a growing distributed Internet Infrastructure.

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  • A Distributed Extensible Virtual Network

    Based on vnP2PNET and blockchain technology, vision.network is an ecological system with incentive
    mechanism. Voken is the only utility token that will be used for buying or selling traffic in Vision Network.

    vision whitepaper get voken

  • A Growing Distributed Internet Infrastructure

    With the development progress, more distributed infrastructure services based on
    vision.network will be introduced, such as vnCDN and vnDDoS defense.

    vision whitepaper get voken


The Vision Network is a distributed extensible virtual network, based on the physical network layer and the ISP network layer.

The Vision Network is based on blockchain technology, which provides distributed services such as VPN, CDN, DNS, and DDoS attack protection. The Voken with stable value scale will be used in the ecology and produce an incentive effect. Everyone can participate in distributed network construction. We believe the Vision Network, a distributed Internet infrastructure will make the Internet more open, more equal, more stable, more efficient, safer and freer.

Vision Network Layer

The existing network infrastructures in the world is physically connected. While ISPs (Internet Service Providers) provide users with network access services, they can centralize blockades and control your access. The Vision Network uses distributed peer-to-peer network technology to build a distributed, intelligent virtual network on the physical layer and ISP network layer. Through a large number of nodes, you can surely connect to the whole world.



The decentralized distributed network structure will not crash due to a node failure, ensuring the robustness and stability of the system.

Auto Matching

Automatically match the best node to optimize your access speed.

Open Ecology

Open vnSDK will provide more convenience, and will promote the entire ecosystem to be more open and rich, let's build a win-win ecosystem together.

Proof of Traffic Proof of Wrok
Hardware requirements Low Higher and higher
Power consumption Very economical Extremely wasteful

Proof of Traffic

Bitcoin uses PoW (Proof of Work) as a consensus mechanism. It needs a lot of hash calculations, caused the horrible equipments race and a mass of electric power waste.Vision Network averts these two major problems of PoW, anchored the value based on 1 Voken = 100GB client network traffic.

Everyone can join Vision Network as a node, you will receive Vokens as long as you provide idle network traffic resources. No more competition of hashrate on PoT (Proof of Traffic). And on the other way, it effectively avoids unrestrained price speculation.


A decentralized distributed VPN service with unlimited nodes can cross the blockade, and avoid DNS pollution.

Cross the network blockade

Without restriction, you can access any content. No matter where you are, vnVPN can always help you connect to anywhere of the Internet easily.

Use WiFi everywhere safely

Unfamiliar WiFi is extremely risky. With vnVPN's encrypted tunnels, you can securely access the Internet and avoid being hacked, whether at the airport or a coffee shop.

One-touch connection

The vnVPN interface is concise and clean, with one-click connection and easy to use, it does not require complex configuration and can be kept running in the background.

Smart routing

Smart offload mode can automatically determine whether the access is smooth. Only when the communication is blocked, the vnVPN network proxy is activated to save the traffic cost.

Based on vision.network

More distributed services supported by the entire ecological resources will be developed.

Content of the accelerated distribution services
Domain Name Service
vnDDoS Defense
Protect you from DDOS attacks
More services

Voken will be the only utility token as crypto-currency in Vision Network ecosystem. If you want go futher, click this