• Voken

    A crypto-currency(utility token) based on use value.

  • Proof of Traffic

    Pay as you go

  • Token Name Vision.Network 100G Token v2.0
    Token Symbol Voken2.0
    Token Standard ERC20, before vnCHAIN released
    Token Address 0xFfFAb974088Bd5bF3d7E6F522e93Dd7861264cDB
    Decimals 6
    Total Supply 35 billion
    Token utility Internal crypto-currency to exchange value(utility) between Vision Network participants


Value basis

VISION choose the PoT (Proof of Traffic) as consensus mechanism. In the whole ecosystem, Voken is anchored by the value of real traffic services. 1 Voken = 100 GB client traffic, is rooted in a clear scenario rather than a calculation waste.


VISION start from vnVPN, and extends vnCHAIN to more scenarios such as vnCDN and vnDDoS Defense. It will open up vnSDK for developers to build more interesting Apps.


Taking real traffic as the basis of value, based on vnChain's multi-scene ecological applications, as the number of DApps increases and the coverage scenarios diversify, Voken's mobility will increase.

What can Voken be used for


Spend Voken to exchange a VPN/Proxy service, pay as you go.

Earn Voken

Earn Voken by selling your idle bandwith(spare traffic), both your family and office.

Enterprise Service

Voken could be used for purchasing CDN and DDoS service for companies or groups

Value of Voken

1 Voken = 100GB client traffic

    In the underlying code, we defined per unit of Voken as the client traffic of 100GBytes in the Vision Network, that is: 1 Voken = 100GB client-side network traffic. For 100GB network traffic, there is a price reference for mature IDC, with Amazon Web Services AWS, for example, priced at about $8.5 per 100GB traffic and Google Cloud Platform GCP at about $8.0.

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